Thursday, July 22, 2010

OData, REST and this cool program call LINQPad

I was watching this video with Scott Hanselman about OData. OData is cool in itself, but what exited me most was then Scott showed this program call LINQPad LINQPad is not only a tool to build your LINQ statement in but also to execute against a data source. In Scott example, he use the as the data source and create a LINQ query that LINQPad then translator in to a REST statement, sooo cool :D

A simple walk through to query

1) Open LINQPad and click on “Add connection”

2) Choose WCF Data Services as the data content and click next.

3) Insert the url to ( and click OK

4) Set the database to

5) Type a LINQ query like this

6) Select the SQL view instead of Results and wola your REST statement.

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