Saturday, June 29, 2013

Responsive design for SharePoint - codeplex project

Eric Overfield, D'arce Hess and Gilda Spencer has made this responsive design codeplex project. The project is base on Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation (4). And there have made som new page layouts where they add the html to be to get Twitter Bootstrap to work around the webpart zones. I do not know if webpart zones is the best solution but the project is super easy to install and good for demo purposes to explain what response design works.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Start WVware machines through the command line

In my current SharePoint 2013 environment, based on WMware Workstation, that is made up by an AD/SQL, two frontend servers, a WAC/Workflow server and a guest client Windows 8 machine. Is a pain to start all five VM, through the VM interface.


Luckily has WMware Workstation exe file support for argument to start a virtual machine.

1 start vmware -x "\[path/file.vmx]"

So my new favourite cmd file, on my desktop, look like this:

1 @echo off
2 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\AD-SQL2\AD-SQL2.vmx"
3 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\SharePoint 2013 APP1\SharePoint 2013 APP1.vmx"
4 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\SharePoint 2013 WFE1\SharePoint 2013.vmx"