Sunday, June 23, 2013

Start WVware machines through the command line

In my current SharePoint 2013 environment, based on WMware Workstation, that is made up by an AD/SQL, two frontend servers, a WAC/Workflow server and a guest client Windows 8 machine. Is a pain to start all five VM, through the VM interface.


Luckily has WMware Workstation exe file support for argument to start a virtual machine.

1 start vmware -x "\[path/file.vmx]"

So my new favourite cmd file, on my desktop, look like this:

1 @echo off
2 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\AD-SQL2\AD-SQL2.vmx"
3 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\SharePoint 2013 APP1\SharePoint 2013 APP1.vmx"
4 start vmware -x "D:\Virtual Machines\SharePoint 2013 WFE1\SharePoint 2013.vmx"

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