Sunday, July 4, 2010

List all runnig deployment jobs

The first way to list all running deployment jobs is by goning to the Central Administration > Job Definitions, Under CA > Monitoring > Review job definitions and see after jobs that start with “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Solution Deployment”


The second way is to use PowerShell.

Get-SPTimerJob -Type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSolutionDeploymentJobDefinition

The output of the Get-SPTimerJob cmdlet is not very useful.

Name                 Schedule             Last Run
----                 --------             --------
solution-deployme...                      04-07-2010 11:56:31

But pipe the Get-SPTimerJob to Format-List (fl) and select the “SolutionName” property.

Get-SPTimerJob -Type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSolutionDeploymentJobDefinition | ft "SolutionName"

The output is more useful.


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  1. Brilliant, thanks. this helped me create a script to figure out when a solution was upgraded (because the solution always says it's deployed, even though it's upgrading)