Thursday, January 11, 2018

Deploying my website to a Windows Virtual Machine aka deploy to an on-premise IIS webserver.

The setup where working with Visual Studio Online and have a customer, how is running everything on-premise has been quite frustrating. But not anymore! After the release of the feature “Deployment groups” it is now the easiest thing to do.

To over simplify the tasks for configuring Deployment groups. You need only to create a new deployment group in Visual Studio Online, “register machine” and run some PowerShell. And you are done Smile

The how-to guide to setup and create Deployment Groups can be found here

N.B. The how-to show you need two tasks to deploy the website. This is not correct. This remove these tasks and add the task “Deploy IIS Website/App”.

Before you can release anything, setup you build. By following this how-to guide for ASP.NET 4,

And this how-to guide for ASP.NET Core,

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