Saturday, November 6, 2010

Windows 7 Favorites and SharePoint

One of the many cool features in Windows 7 is the Favorites

This is a list of “shortcut” that is display in the Windows Explore and in the “save as” dialog in programs like Word.



The Windows 7 Favorites works by creating a shortcut to folder and this goes for WebDav folders to.

To setup the a shortcut to a SharePoint site

To setup the shortcut and you only need to do this one time. Open Word and to go “save as” (the shortcut for this is F12), enter the url for the SharePoint site in the file name (Only the url!) and click enter or click on the save button. Then right click on the clip_image004 and select “Add current location to Farvorites” and wola your SharePoint is add and it is easy to browse next time when you want to save a document. clip_image006

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