Monday, January 4, 2010

PowerShell Console shortcuts




Deletes the current command history

(PgUp), (PgDn)

Display the first (PgUp) or last (PgDn) command you used in current session


Send the entered lines to PowerShell for execution


Moves the editing cursor to the end of the command line


Deletes the character to the right of the insertion point


Deletes current command line


Moves in current command line to the next character corresponding to specified character


Deletes all characters to the right of the insertion point up to specified character


Displays last entered commands in a dialog box


Displays commands from command history beginning with the character that you already entered in the command line


Opens a dialog box in which you can enter the number of a command from your command history to return the command. (F7) displays numbers of commands in command history

(Left arrow), (Right arrow)

Move one character to the left or right respectively

(Arrow up), (Arrow down), (F5), (F8)

Repeat the last previously entered command


Moves editing cursor to beginning of command line


Deletes character to the left of the insertion point


Cancels command execution


Deletes all characters from current position to end of command line

(Ctrl)+(Arrow left), (Ctrl)+(Arrow right)

Move insertion point one word to the left or right respectively


Deletes all characters of current position up to beginning of command line


Automatically completes current entry, if possible

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