Sunday, December 6, 2009

A great ULS Viewer

I found this great ULS Viewer, I use to read the SharePoint log files with. One of the really cool things is the highlight function that’s build in, just by hover over a text the same text is high with a yellow background, soo cool :) But two of the most import features is to hide lines in the log and runtime-feed. Runtime-feed is to setup a "watch" on a directory and all now log (both lines in the current log file and lines in new log files is imbedded into the ULS Viewer view) .




A copy-pasting Microsoft own feature list:

  • Highlight data of importance to the user on the fly
  • Bookmark log entries
  • Append logs to other logs in order to track trends
  • Hide unimportant data
  • Only view critical log entries by sorting data by severity
  • Write rules to prompt the user when certain events occur
  • View your data in a spreadsheet instead of the text file ULS generates
  • Monitor remote machines logs that are running ULS services
  • Open multiple logs at the same time in order to compare log files.
  • Open logs files from multiple machines at the same time.

More screenshots of USL Viewer

Read more about this greater log reading tool at

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